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We provide consultancy services on a whole range of topics for charities and other not for profits, drawing on Andy's significant experience in the sector.

Each consultancy contract is tailored to the requirements of the client, but some of the services we have provided in the past include:

Unincorporated charity to a CIO Transfer

We've supported charities in this process, including helping to register the new CIO and also process the relevant transfer of assets and staff, as well as register the merger with the Charity Commission to ensure continuity for legacy income purposes.


Financial controls audit

We've carried out financial control audits for several clients, producing a report that mirrors the Charity Commission guidance on internal controls and ensuring the board have a list of recommendations for improving things moving forward.

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Tax Advice

As charities look to more innovative ways of fundraising, many are starting to look at non-primary purpose trading and having to think about charity VAT and corporation tax - complex areas that many charities have little or no knowledge about. We can lead you through this process and help to ensure you don't accidentally fall foul of the complex legislation in this area. We also support creative charities with tax reliefs such as orchestral and theatre tax relief.


Option appraisals


As funding becomes more sparse, charities are looking at how to move forward, including looking at possible close down situations and mergers. We've supported a number of charities with this conversation, ensuring that it is not purely a financial decision but a strategic one that, above all, protects and supports your beneficiaries moving forward.

Governance reviews

Following high profile collapses and scandals over the past few years many trustee boards are realising that they need as much support as possible. Whether as a result of an unfortunate incident, or just as part of a health check, we've supported charities in reviewing their governance structure and making recommendations on how to improve as a board.


See our case study from Age UK for an example of how this works in practice.

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