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Day to Day

Our bread and butter is the day to day finance support we offer our clients. Each contract is individual to the client, but here is a selection of the services we can include in a contract.


We can provide you with high-quality and timely bookkeeping services, all provided by appropriately trained staff who understand the oddities of bookkeeping for charities! Whether its as simple as realising that the funds received from JustGiving need accounting for gross and then with the fees as an expense instead of net as they arrive in the bank, or something more complex like ensuring the correct expenses are allocated against the correct funder, we will ensure that your bookkeeping is accurate and done in a timely manner. If the bookkeeping is done well, the rest should be plain sailing!


We do all our bookkeeping on Xero and are a registered partner and support charities by linking their finance and donor management systems together as a registered Donorfy partner.


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Management accounts

We understand the importance of not just timely and accurate financial information being available to your management team and trustees, but also of it being in a format that is accessible and understandable for all the team - not just those geeky enough to have studied accounting or finance at some point in their life!


We work with your management team and trustees to ensure your management accounts contain the information that you need to make informed decisions about the operations and future of your charity. A normal set (if there is such a thing!) will include an executive summary highlighting the key points and areas for concern, key performance indicators, an income and expenditure report with variance to budget and/or prior year and/or full year budget, a balance sheet and a report on restricted and unrestricted funds.


All our reports use a clear traffic light system so you can clearly see the areas that need attention. In addition, we can now offer more advanced reporting and forecasting options through Futrli which links directly into the data stored in Xero, taking into account figures and patterns year to date.


We offer payroll services to clients using the Xero payroll functionality, ensuring that your payroll is completed in a timely and accurate manner. We'll file all your returns with HMRC and also deal with your pension returns for you.


Strategic support

For many of our clients we act as their fully outsourced finance function, and so act as a FD to many of the Chief Executives we support. This takes many forms, but includes taking part in management team meetings, as well as board meetings, and advising them on wider strategy and planning.


See our case study from Orchestras for All for an example of how this works in practice.

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